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Longing for a good cup of English tea in Berlin

For today I shall keep the texts short otherwise I feel I’ll be bombarding you with information! So here are some recordings from Jeffrey Sanders an English teacher from LA. He has recently moved to Berlin with his girlfriend who’s from the UK. They kindly invited me for lunch and we had a great  conversation about cultural traditions that are missed when travelling. With two British people in the room, the conversation inevitably drifted towards tea…

Anyways, after a few cups of not quite English tea and nice homemade pizzas, the sun was begging us to go and record outside. So we set out to find a nice location. When we did, we tried to record but the wind was causing too much of a problem. Thus, we decided to head back to record in the quiet of their appartement. Recordings finished, we set out again for a great afternoon/evening of the Berlin experience – it involved a great outdoor mini festival in an abandoned factory area followed by beer in a cozy little bar that didn’t close at 11pm.

Jeffrey ended up singing a long string of songs for the project like some sort of stream of consciousness expressing itself through music (!?). Unfortunately, many of those were rendered not useable by the wind. So here are the recordings that weren’t ruined by the annoying yet great natural phenomenon that I mentioned in the previous sentence (and in two others in the above text)!



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