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Wovercote bridge recording – 07/04/2012

On the 7th April a little icon to the top left side of this page said ( and is still saying ) “it all begins; here we go”. On that day I did the first of a series of recordings part of the Record and Ride project. The two first artists were Simon Batten and Rosie Caldecott.

We recorded under a bridge I’d spotted a few months ago which I  thought had interesting acoustic properties. When you shouted you had a series of very distinct echoes which slowly faded into a strange reverb. It sounded very much like a spring reverb! What I thought would be nice was that for the effect to be triggered you need to produce a sound above a certain volume. Thus, you could more or less control the effect to suit your music.
However, what I forgot to consider was that there was water under the bridge! From my first visit, I remembered that there was only a little trickle of water but last Saturday there was a full blown river! The water made a tremendous amount of noise which then echoed under the bridge.

Rosie and Simon had to do their best to compete with the water’s cacophony. Simon just about managed but unfortunately I miss judged my microphone positioning for Rosie making her recording unusable… Anyways, don’t miss out on her music: http://soundcloud.com/rosiecaldecott.

Enough said, here is the video from last Saturday:


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Recording in SAE empty room – Part II


It was hard to resist the temptation to record once more in such a beautiful and interesting acoustic space. This time I invited several of my favourite Oxford artists to come and record: Simon Batten, Evan McGregor, Phillipa Lacoski, Moogieman and, Matt Chanarin.  Unlike last time, we brought a small audience to come and enjoy the real thing. We all sat down in this empty room drinking tea, eating pizzas and quietly listening to live music! Needless to say, it had something nearly magical about it.

by Jamie Williamson

I hope you enjoy the recordings and the music. There will be photos and videos soon!

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First Artist

The adventure will begin on the 7th of April with Singer/Songwriter Simon Batten. Here is his facebook page.

I met him at Catweazle, the most magical open-mic night ever invented, and have been a fan (as in I thoroughly enjoy his music, not the giro-cooling device) ever since! If the weather allows, I’ll be recording him under an acoustically interesting bridge in Wolvercote,Oxford. I hope you’ll enjoy his music at least as much as I do.


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