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Wovercote bridge recording – 07/04/2012

On the 7th April a little icon to the top left side of this page said ( and is still saying ) “it all begins; here we go”. On that day I did the first of a series of recordings part of the Record and Ride project. The two first artists were Simon Batten and Rosie Caldecott.

We recorded under a bridge I’d spotted a few months ago which I  thought had interesting acoustic properties. When you shouted you had a series of very distinct echoes which slowly faded into a strange reverb. It sounded very much like a spring reverb! What I thought would be nice was that for the effect to be triggered you need to produce a sound above a certain volume. Thus, you could more or less control the effect to suit your music.
However, what I forgot to consider was that there was water under the bridge! From my first visit, I remembered that there was only a little trickle of water but last Saturday there was a full blown river! The water made a tremendous amount of noise which then echoed under the bridge.

Rosie and Simon had to do their best to compete with the water’s cacophony. Simon just about managed but unfortunately I miss judged my microphone positioning for Rosie making her recording unusable… Anyways, don’t miss out on her music: http://soundcloud.com/rosiecaldecott.

Enough said, here is the video from last Saturday:



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