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Port of call for Sounds like Katía

So back in the Amsterdam days, on the day I spent cycling and recording round the sunny capital of the Netherlands with Sophie Ter Schure, I ended up at Katía’s house. She lives in a very beautiful part of the city very close to the center yet quiet and peaceful.  Sophie, Katía and her guitarist, Deniz, and me had a few glasses of water then headed down to their shared garden to record a few songs in the sunshine.

Deniz and Katía have decided to write a series of songs for every new season and you can download them from their website. The EP they wrote for spring will soon disappear to make place for the summer one, so while the songs are still on the website I’d go grab them as soon as possible! In the meantime, here are the songs we recorded together on the 24.05.2012 in their garden:

On the same day I recorded them, they had a little evening concert in a bar. I went to it and heard the last few songs of the supporting act. When he finished I meant to ask him if he wanted to take part in the project but the beer made me forget… The next day, I went to Volendam to record the band AlscA. After the recording, I walked out of the room and stubbled across the support act I had missed the night before! I tell him about the project as I get my recording gear ready and hit record. He goes by the name of Port of Call, his real name is Pieter Van Vliet, here is his website: http://www.portofcallmusic.com/ and here are the recordings we did together:


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