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Quick Update


Just a quick one to inform you what has been happening during the last few days.

Firstly, I cycled on the 16th April from London to Brighton where I met King of Cats.  We recorded that same evening. I left the next morning and visited Brighton for a bit, then, left for Newhaven – it was a beautiful ride! From Newhaven I caught a ferry for France at 11pm and slept on the boat. It arrived at 4.30am at Dieppe.  Then started a long day of cycling! I cycled a total of 115km against wind to Gasny. The last 10km were very wet!
Exhausted I found it hard to resist the temptation to call home and arrange a pick up… I did. Thus, I am home and exhausted! So tomorrow is rest and then Thursday to Paris for some recording!

PS: tomorrow I’ll upload King of Cats tracks. 


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Susie B at C4CC London

On the 11th April 2012, I met up with singer songwriter Susie B to record a few of her songs. We recorded in this great space in London called C4CC. It is a Center For Creative Collaboration and is an initiative from the University of London, the Central School of Speech and Drama, Goldsmiths, the Royall Holloway and Complexity Partners. Anyone is welcome to use the space for their creative collaborative project – all you need to do is submit a proposal. It is free and they are very helpful and flexible with times!

As a recording venue it isn’t ideal  because of a tube line running right next door! However, for the purposes of Record and Ride it was perfect! It reflected a true London environment.

The discovery of initiatives like C4CC made me reflect about collaboration. My chain of thoughts led me to think about how we create content nowadays:

The tools for creating content, like video and audio recordings, have become highly accesible. It has got to the point where an artist can do everything on his own with no need of true technical knowledge. A good example is that of a singer songwriter who can now write music, record it, produce and distribute it all on his own. Although I have nothing against this, I feel it drives creativity towards non-collaborative content. Which, again, I do not think is a bad thing but I think it makes it easy to miss out on the power and joys of collaboration.
What I find particularly interesting is how content creation fits in with internet. We now have a common platform with a huge scope for collaboration yet most of the content still seems to be centered round individuals. Or maybe the cheer act of using the medium itself is  more important than the actual content?

I don’t know (One thing I do know is that I like collaborate and would like to encourage you all do try it out!)! What do you think?


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Jack Durtnall in London – Episode 1

First of a three/four episodes series of Jack Durtnall playing around London.
This video was shot on Embankment bridge on the 10 April 2012 and features Jack’s song ‘Come to me’

If you like his music please go to his website and listen to more: facebook.com/jackdurtnall  And better, he is playing tonight at the Regal Room (above The Distiller’s pub) in London at 8pm. Come down and listen to him.


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