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Busy Berlin!

It’s been a week since Doppler and me arrived in Berlin! As from when I arrived, I haven’t had time to stop and update the website! So I had to put this morning aside to give you updates!

The first band I recorded last Wednesday is a newly formed duo called Volcano Victims (formerly ‘Pilvet’). The groupe is composed of Gaui from Iceland and Yuri from Japan. Both moved to Berlin to pursue their interests in music and art. They welcomed me in Yuri’s home and played two songs for the project – one original and one cover. After a nice little chat and a few drinks Yuri kindly handed me over a CD of her own stuff she recorded back in Japan. If you like the recordings I invite you to go and have a listen to her stuff: http://justriangle.com/

Then on the Friday I was to meet up with Jan on the other side of town. I set out much earlier than I needed in order to wander round the streets of Berlin. Going through a market close to where I’m staying, I very unexpectedly passed two American’s playing some cool country stuff. So I hit the brakes on my bike and went to talk to them. One of them has slowly been making his way up from Greece to get to a friends wedding in Berlin, the other just arrived to join the former for the wedding and bit more of European exploration. There names were Adams and Peter.

When I finally got to you Jan’s place I parked my bike and walked into a very welcoming household of two. To get to the common room one needs to walk through Jan’s room which was dotted with weird instruments and two new speakers he’d found in the road. The shared room also homes quite a few instruments, notably two old organs and drum kit. As I was fiddling around with one of the organ’s, Jan wrote out the chords of his song and invited me to accompany him. I tried to (as you’ll here in the background of one the recordings) and wasn’t given a second chance!
Soon after Jan was joined by his music friend Hagen who wonderfully plays guitar and harmonica (I was told he plays other instruments but can’t remember which!). Together they organise an open mic night in a place called Mastul. Everyone is welcome to perform, and if one wants, can be accompanied by who ever is present! They called the event Sing Dein Ding (German for ‘Sing your thing’). So after playing some of there songs as a duo, they accompanied Jan’s housemate Swarali singing a Hindi song called ‘Yaaro Dosti’ by Leslie Lewis. The song is about friendship and love – improvising an accompaniment to it on the spot was a very nice way to accompany the songs meaning!

There is more to come! but it’ll have to wait!! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these recordings!


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