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Deniz from Herrenmagazin in Hamburg

Last Friday the 2nd June, Doppler, the friend with whom I was staying in Celle and me took a train to Hamburg. There we met up with Deniz Jaspersen who took us to his parents house in the suburbs of Hamburg. After a nice cup of coffe (tea for me), we recorded four songs in a spacious and quiet living room – a big contrast to the outdoors recordings I’d done with other artists:

Deniz  is the front man of a German band called Herrenmagazin which translates as ‘Gentleman Magazine’. I’m not too sure what inspired this name – maybe it’s the close proximity of his shared apartment to the red light district of Hamburg? Anyways, the band was formed in 2004 and they signed their first contract in 2006 with Motor Records. The four members are:

Deniz Jaspersen – Guitar and vocals
Rasmus Engler – Drums
Paul Konopacka – Bass and Vocals
Torben Leske – Guitar

They’ve already released 2 albums. One in 2008 called ‘Atzelgift’ and a second one in 2011 called ‘Das wird alles einmal dir gehören’. At the fall of this year they will be entering the studio to record a third album!
If you like what you hear check out their webpage: www.herrenmusik.de or buy their nice gentleman’s coffee.


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