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Music Hack Paris

Now you may be wondering why you haven’t heard from me all week-end… There is a reason and this is it: Music Hack Paris. I could not explain what the event was better than the Music Hack Paris website:

“Participants are free to experiment on any idea related to music. The goal is to demo a working prototype on Sunday afternoon. Participants are allowed and encouraged to bring laptops and music instruments (synthesizer, guitar, saxophone, theremin…). Recording equipment will be available on site. The word “Hack” is to be read in its original meaning: makers, coders and inventors come together to build something new, ruthless and brilliant in a short period of time.”

I ended up working with a couple of funky sculptors called Okhaos. We built and remixed some of their old sculptures to make a cycling powered, water activated and computer augmented instrument. We called it “Exprimetal” . Hopefully, I’ll soon have a video to better show you what the machine did! In the meantime here are some photos:

Music Hack Paris / by Joshfire - Google - Unesco
Music Hack Paris / by Joshfire - Google - Unesco
Music Hack Paris / by Joshfire - Google - Unesco

Although I was extremely busy working on the above project I did my best to get some recordings done!

Luckily, the event was graced by the presence of Lina Stalyte a Lithuanian singer songwriter who maintained the musical sanity of the event! For more recordings have a look at her website.

Also, I discovered a interesting new Digital Musical Instrument called the Dualo. It is based on a clever spatial reorganisation of notes making music easier to understand. If you want to find out more please visit their website: http://dualo.org/.

Music Hack Paris / by Joshfire - Google - Unesco

Finally, I would like to thank everybody who attended the event! It was a very fun and inspiring few days during which I met a lot of interesting people! And big thank you to the organisers:

+ Google cultural institute

+ Joshfire


for more photos and videos:

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