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Le Palais des Sciences

Le Palais des Sciences is another episode from Brussels, the capital city of Europe – in my opinion a mad city but mad in every good facet of the word. Upon arriving, I googled “music brussels” both looking for gigs to go to and artists to record. Lo and behold, I stumbled upon or more like found a haystack in a bunch of tiny needles: http://musicbrussels.com/. I emailed the curator of the website who very quickly replied with lots of great ideas of artists to record. Before I had time to get in contact with her recommendations or even thank her, I got an email from a Canadian living in Brussels. He is the man behind a project called Cougars in America and has his very own blog which I invite you all to go and check out: http://cougarsinamerica.blogspot.fr/

Now I’m not sure I understand Scott’s band situation but this is what I understood: Cougars in America is his solo project, he also plays in a band called Benito Band. Now the drummer in the later band also plays in a band playing Scott’s compositions strategically called Cougars in America Band !? Finally, Scott also plays organ in a band called General Bazaar and the Cardinal Points of Conspiracy (great band name!). Now I’m not sure which project I recorded but I think it was the simple Cougars in America configuration accompanied by a double-bass player. The double-bass player, Paolo, is part of some crazy promotion company called Antitapas. This initiative arose from a house that was named Le Palais des Science. This house hosted some crazy parties with music and all the lot in a hammam situated in the basement which were we recorded the following pieces:

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