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Port of call for Sounds like Katía

So back in the Amsterdam days, on the day I spent cycling and recording round the sunny capital of the Netherlands with Sophie Ter Schure, I ended up at Katía’s house. She lives in a very beautiful part of the city very close to the center yet quiet and peaceful.  Sophie, Katía and her guitarist, Deniz, and me had a few glasses of water then headed down to their shared garden to record a few songs in the sunshine.

Deniz and Katía have decided to write a series of songs for every new season and you can download them from their website. The EP they wrote for spring will soon disappear to make place for the summer one, so while the songs are still on the website I’d go grab them as soon as possible! In the meantime, here are the songs we recorded together on the 24.05.2012 in their garden:

On the same day I recorded them, they had a little evening concert in a bar. I went to it and heard the last few songs of the supporting act. When he finished I meant to ask him if he wanted to take part in the project but the beer made me forget… The next day, I went to Volendam to record the band AlscA. After the recording, I walked out of the room and stubbled across the support act I had missed the night before! I tell him about the project as I get my recording gear ready and hit record. He goes by the name of Port of Call, his real name is Pieter Van Vliet, here is his website: http://www.portofcallmusic.com/ and here are the recordings we did together:

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Alasca in Volendam – 25/05/2012

Volendam is an old fisherman town that has apparently been the home town of many successful artists in the Netherlands. AlascA will hopefully follow that lineage.

We recorded in the cultural center which was silent apart from beer-fridges’ eternal hum. It’s interesting how that sound was considerably more annoying than louder and more obtrusive sounds encountered when recording outside!

I didn’t record the full band set-up. They normally are a four piece with lead-vocals/guitar, banjo/guitar/vocals, piano/vocals and drums. Instead, I recorded Franki the lead singer and guitarist with banjo, twelve string guitar and backing vocals.

Alasca are a very tallented band on their way up, I hope you enjoy and if you want to hear more please visit: http://www.alascamusic.com/
Otherwise, they have an album you can purchase here.

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Traditional folk in Amsterdam – 24/05/2012

Last week I was in Amsterdam and went to an Irish pub called Mulligans where they have an Irish music session every Wednesday. I sat down and enjoyed lots of nice songs whilst drinking beer in its correct format i.e in a pint glass and not in a 25cl glass…

There I met Sophie Ter Schure who was leading the session with her fabulous voice. The next day in a last minute rush we arranged to meet up and record some tunes. We ended up heading towards the outskirts of Amsterdam beside a large canal/river. We set up on a little platform over the water from which a ferry takes punters from one side of the river to the other.

Halfway through the first song, Sophie realised how noisy the place actually was. She remembered it to be very quiet and said something along the lines  “It’s funny how much noise there is when you’re listening”. I thought it was interesting because it shows our mind’s ability to ignore certain sounds and highlights the difference between hearing and listening. Thus, in the recordings, you’ll hear lots of extra sounds like babies crying, the ferry arriving and departing, aeroplanes flying low and many more. I think I’ve learn’t to enjoy these sounds. They make the recordings sound closer to the way you experience music in a live situation rather than in a acoustically sealed studio environment.

Anyways, we recorded quite a few songs on that platform and then decided it would be nice to record a few on the ferry! You can’t tell the difference in sound (except for the background rumbling of the motor), it’ll only be interesting when I get round to making a video or finding someone to do one for the project. (By the way if anyone likes video editing and wants to help out, please get in contact!)

After lunch on the terrace of a tall building involved in arty stuff and with a view over Amsterdam, we went to meet some of Sophie’s friends on the other side of town. We recorded another couple of songs in their garden after which I recorded her friends – more on that later!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the long collection of songs Sophie Ter Schure performed during a very nice and sunny afternoon whilst she was running away from her PhD work…


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