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Hello & Tandem Festival

Hello! Hope you’re all well! I can’t believe it’s been over two years now since I set out with good old Doppler and some microphones…

Since my return, I’ve tried to keep this blog alive but haven’t really had much time to do so. Last night, I found myself telling a few stories from the trip and it brought lots of memories back. So as I think about it all with the sun setting in Oxford, I’m listening to all the recordings I made over the 5 months of cycling. I must say I was very pleasantly surprised that there are lots of fantastic performances that I’d forgotten about! Why don’t you have a listen:

I guess I owe you a bit more of an update on what I’m up to these days and what is becoming of the offshoots of Record and Ride.

  • It’s funny how things can sometimes take a while to come around. A few months ago, Sophie Ter Schure, from Amsterdam, got in contact with me to record her album! Obviously I got very excited by the idea and invited her over to Paris for a week to record. As soon as I told Jack Durtnall from London, he pretty much booked his tickets to come too! What resulted was a very special week of wonderful music and friendship. The album is finished now and can be heard and bought here:
  • Towards the end of my trip, I started thinking about organising a festival inviting all the people I recorded to come, meet and perform together. We had a few family meetings to discuss how this might happen. The idea slowly got stored away and half forgotten about. In late October last year, as I was walking down a canal path in oxford, I met a distant friend and somehow the idea of organising a festival resurfaced. A few months later, we and a great team are organising Tandem Festival ! It’s a three day celebration over the summer solstice – 20th to 22nd June. We’re putting music and environmental sustainability in tandem. We’ll be hosting 3 acoustic stages, 1 amplified one, workshops and talks, in a stunning 63 acres site just outside Oxford. Of course some of the Record and Ride artists will be coming along to perform! You can get more information on our website or by following us on  facebook or twitter.
  • Doppler is still my trusty two wheeled companion. The back rack is a bit broken now and quite a few things need replacing! As soon as Tandem Festival is over, I’ll get him fixed and, as I write this, I think might go on a short adventure! I can’t see why not… Might be updating you on this soon… 🙂

Voilà. Here is the poster for the festival and I hope to see some of you there!



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