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Something I took away from the trip

Those of you who followed the trip might remember a blog post from the Netherlands in which I spoke about a project called ‘In De Kringloop’. The name of this project translates as ‘In The Secondhand Shop’ and is the recording/filming of musicians in an open secondhand shop. I liked the idea so much that upon my return I proposed to Patrik Kuiper, the man behind the project, if he would like me to run a British version of it. He did. 

It took me a while to get started and have now ran three ‘In The Secondhand Shop’ session in Oxford: The first was held at the wonderful ‘Albion Beatnik Bookshop’ and the other two at the Helen and Douglas House in Headington (East of Oxford). The project has been an interesting learning experience both in video and, in recording in busy and noisy environments. The next session will be on the 23rd March at the Helen and Douglas House

One of my frustrations in life is the difficulty in sharing the wonderful listening experience of sound recording. With this in mind I’ve decided to run a series of concerts in conjunction with the ‘In the Secondhand Shop’ sessions called Acoustic Lunatics! The first concert featured the wonderful Sophie Ter Schure and was absolutely lovely! 

So at 8.00pm on the 23rd March at the East Oxford Community Center will be Acoustic Lunatics Mark.II and will feature: 

The Melodic ( ).
Stunning band who harness a syncretic sound decorated with charango and kora that makes you think of what would have happened if Paul Simon was raised an Englishman in Brixton.

Bird Radio ( )
“Bird Radio is a flute-toting, bass drum-beating sensation…
A must-see live act.” Rick Pearson, Evening Standard.

Matt Chanarin ( )
A milestone of the Oxford folk music scene with some of the best songs I’ve ever seen performed!

Bambino Dell’Oro ( )
Zany avant-garde modern jazz/groove duo on Piano and Drums with a unique focus on a intricate and intriguing live show which incorporates silly shenanigans alongside their multi-instrumental experiments.

Voilà. Hope to see some of you there! It promises to be a very pleasant evening!

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Doppler is back!

Hello again!

This time I bring to you good news! Doppler is back!

Last night, I was out at the pub and a conversation I was having led me to mention that my bike had been stolen. A few seconds later, I received a call from a friend saying ‘don’t get excited but I might have found your bike!‘. I got excited. I described Doppler in every single detail and, as soon as I finished, she said ‘I’ve found your bike!!‘. I hurried in to town to meet her. I found her in the very center of Oxford standing next to good old Doppler! Whoever stole him left him unlocked, so I easily regained my favourite compagnon and left the thief a note. It’s strange as I truly felt that Doppler hadn’t gone for ever and I’m so glad that he hadn’t!

This whole story taught me a good lesson that I probably should have learnt a long time ago: your bike is never safe! not even hidden behind a big green car in your drive way!

Also, all the very positive reactions following the announcement of the theft have encouraged me to keep this website a bit more alive! I’ll let you know about all the projects that have stemmed from the trip and the planning of future ones. In the meantime I would like thank you all for keeping an eye out for Doppler and particularly thank you to ‘Broken Spokes‘ for sharing the news! Doppler is back.



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Doppler has been stolen.


I haven’t posted on here for quite a while now. All is well with me and all was well with Doppler up until yesterday.

On Monday 4th March, after a lovely sunny day busking in the streets of Oxford I went to bed exhausted. Halfway through the night, I was woken up by some shuffling noise coming from outside. I open my window and looked around for a good 5 minutes. I didn’t see anything unusual so went back to bed. Yesterday, as I went out to climb onto Doppler and pedal to the other side of Oxford, I realised he had gone. I stood there baffled. I couldn’t believe he’d been stolen. I walked up to town checking every spot I might have mindlessly left him, hoping I’d gone to a shop and completely forgotten I’d cycled there. Doppler wasn’t there and, after going through my memories, was certain I’d left him by my house.

However, I don’t want to accept that Doppler is gone for ever. So I would like to ask you guys to keep yours eyes open for a sexy looking adventurous friend!

I don’t know his make or the dimensions (he’s always been Doppler to me) but he is metallic orange, the handlebars have yellow tape wound around them and underneath they’re wound with multicolored electric tape, the saddle is white and bears the scars of the Zadar episode (someone lacerated it in Croatia), the frame has a washed out record-and-ride sticker as well as stickers from a bike workshop in Krakow and a ribbon from a fundraising cycle-ride in Warsaw, the pedal axle is completely rusted and a little bit wobbly, it has unusually mounted front and back paniers, the rear panier is held together by plastic and metal zip-ties, the rear mud gard is zip-tied to the rear panier and has a Motherfolkers sticker on it and, finally, there is bell attached to the left half of the handlebars with a picture of an elephant which belonged to my father.

Here are photos of Doppler:

DSC00166 Photo0006 DSC00181 DSC00139 DSC00104 Screen shot 2012-07-30 at 10.53.19 IMG_3268 cropped-img_5899.jpg dsc00235.jpg DSC07811


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