TerenNowy from Warsaw

Warsaw seems a long way away now! I’m in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia! I had a tumultuous train ride down from Krakow, thus bypassing Vienna and Prague, to surprise my lovely mama who was visiting the town for her birthday. Originally, I was going to take the train back up to Vienna but I want to cycle! So tomorrow I’ll head out to Rijeka in Croatia! (I’m desperately looking for contacts there!). After that I’ll slowly make my way down to Greece.

The last update from Warsaw is a special one! During my time there, I was invited to record a project called TerenNowy (which literally translates as NewLand). They are a band that have no songs and no definite line up. They improvise live ambient music with an always changing set of instruments! When I was there they had instruments ranging from Djembe to Dulcimers to Analog Synthesisers! It definitely was an interesting mixture! They performed in a very cosy café called HerbaThea (it was so nice, that I ended up spending the whole next day there working on recordings). To listen to the recordings I think you should chill out, maybe drink some tea and/or lie down (if you go for the ‘and’ be careful not spill your hot drink on yourself!) and open your ears!

For about TerenNowy and when to catch them live please visit: http://www.terennowy.info/new.html



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2 responses to “TerenNowy from Warsaw

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  2. Actually it’s NewLand not “Now”. 🙂 Great project mate, keep ridin’!

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