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Alasca in Volendam – 25/05/2012

Volendam is an old fisherman town that has apparently been the home town of many successful artists in the Netherlands. AlascA will hopefully follow that lineage.

We recorded in the cultural center which was silent apart from beer-fridges’ eternal hum. It’s interesting how that sound was considerably more annoying than louder and more obtrusive sounds encountered when recording outside!

I didn’t record the full band set-up. They normally are a four piece with lead-vocals/guitar, banjo/guitar/vocals, piano/vocals and drums. Instead, I recorded Franki the lead singer and guitarist with banjo, twelve string guitar and backing vocals.

Alasca are a very tallented band on their way up, I hope you enjoy and if you want to hear more please visit:
Otherwise, they have an album you can purchase here.


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