Pause-none and call for artists!

It’s now been nearly 3 months I’ve been on the road. I must admit I’m getting a bit tired. I’m realising how much I cherish having people I feel close to. Although I’m meeting amazing people everyday, I don’t have time to develop strong relationships with them. I feel like the project is loosing a bit of momentum and, thus, I am too.. (or maybe it’s the other way round…) However, I’m sure this is only ephemere!

So I wouldn’t mind a bit of help. I’m heading towards Israel going through Krakow or Wroclaw, then probably Prague, Vienna and Slovenia/Croatia. Once I get to Croatia I’m confident my knee will have fully recovered – it’s already feeling a lot better. Thus, I’m planning to cycle from then on down to Greece then Istambul (I’m might cheat a last time and cross Greece by train – I’ve been told it’s not a particularly nice cycle). If you want to help, please share the project with your friends and if you or them know anyone in those abouts, invite them to get in contact with me.

In the meantime, in Poznan (pause-none… 🙂 ) I met a crazy pianist called Monika. She is studying music and more specifically rhythm in Poznan’s Akademia Muzyczna (Academy of music!). Sharing a similar sense of humour the recording session turned into an awkward  not-quite-understanding-each-other’s-sarcasm-in-our-respective-language session. The room we were recording in was in her university and we had it booked for an hour. The hour went past very quickly and was mostly just improvised bits and pieces! It was brief but fun and here are the recordings!

From what I understood, in polish you say ‘eggs’ if someone makes a joke, probably mainly for bad jokes – thus, the titles.

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