Poetry on a bag and Winter music as summer arrives.

As I mentioned before, Berlin was a very busy and exciting episode! Now that I’m in Poznan I’ve had little bit of time (just a little bit more…) to sit down and go through some more of the recordings but I expect there will be yet another ‘Capital-of-Germany-Post’ in the next couple of days…

During the first few days after my arrival in the capital, I met up with Julia de Boor for a chat and some nice Chai Tea. Julia does musical theatre where she improvises as an actress and as a cellist, generally, with and, for children. In parallel, she writes poetry. She has written a five chapter book of her poetry called Funkenspuren (which translates as ‘Tracks of sparks’). Also, once a year she gets together with a photographer to make beautiful calendars combining his photos and her words; she writes a poem for each month of the year inspired by the selected picture. So a few days after our meeting we arranged to meet at her house to record some of her poetry and then record a band in which she plays cello: The Gosia Winter Band.

First things first, here are poems taken from her Book. Being from Germany, Julia’s poems are in German so for those who cannot speak the language, like myself, she gave me a bit of information for each piece:

Mein Weg ( My way ) – The longing for a relationship and the feeling of not wanting to be alone anymore. 

Nah am Abhang  (Close to a cliff) – Sad and desperate, a man looks down from the edge of a cliff only to reinforce his sorrow. It’s only when he looks up to the horizon that he sees the beauty of the immensity of what lies before him and sees light.

Flut/Ebbe (High-tide/Low-tide) – Originally two separate poems but it made sense to perform them together one after the other. The first relates the feeling of wrath and the second its after feeling of emptiness. 

Wege (Ways) – Love poem. 

Ach Bitte (Hey! please) – This poem is written on 15000 paper bags that a shop hands out to clients and is about begging a child to share his courage and dreams. 

Die Kleinen tone (A small sound) – Written after waking up early in the Alps and is about all the small sounds that we don’t hear if we don’t pay attention to them. 

The Gosia Winter Band is a trio named after the front woman Gosia Winter with Julia on cello and Jess Braverman on double bass . From what I understood, they hadn’t played as a trio for quite a while and got back together to record for this project! and I am glad they did! Again I was blessed with a great intimate little concert I shared with one of Gosia’s friend visiting Australia and am now sharing with you. If you like what you hear please visit: www.gosiawinter.com

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