Quick Update – 30/05/2012

I have a lot to tell you but I have no idea where to start! So I’ll just go through things chronologically! However, I’ll just start by giving a quick update on the trip.

I have spent the last 4 days on the road cycling from Amsterdam to Celle, Germany. The first night I stayed in Zwolle. I had a very nice evening siting in a square with Patrik (him and his wife were my hosts for the night) whilst a trio of musicians improvised groovy covers of rock and folk classics. He told me about a project he has been doing for last couple of years. The project is called In De Kringloop which is Dutch for In the Secondhand Shop.  The idea is to get artists to perform in an open second hand store with customers roaming around whilst Patrik and his team film and record the performance. Here is one of their videos and if musicians passing through like the idea and want to play for In De Kringloop please contact Patrik.

The second night, I spent somewhere in between Zwolle and Bremen next to a river. I had a very nice evening trying to play flute and reading. Here is a photo of my spot for the night:

The next day I arrived in Bremen. It was Whit Monday so everything was closed… I was unable to discover the stories behind the beautiful city. Instead I got on my bike a cycled with the setting sun. I ended up cycling over 130km that day!
The last cycling day towards Celle was exhausting! What made it particularly hard was that my rear wheel wasn’t straight… When I finally decided to stop to adjust it, I discovered that a spoke had broken… So I couldn’t do anything but release my rear brakes in order for the wheel to run freely without touching the brakes every time it went round…

Anyways, after four days of cycling I arrived in Celle where a good friend of mine is staying at his parents house. I’ll be recuperating here for a few nights, preparing the recordings from Amsterdam and taking care of brave little Doppler. On Friday I’ll head up to Hamburg, then I’ll set out for Berlin!

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