Ziggy and a fraction of Italy in Brussels – 10/05/2012

The mad capital of Europe ended up being a very fruitful town for this project. It’s now been nearly two weeks since Brussels yet I still have a few recordings to share! Unfortunately, because of the braek I took, I never got round to finding artists in Antwerp so I had to move on. I am now in Utrecht (The Netherlands) and cheated to get there… I wanted to make up for the time I didn’t spend on the project last week thus took the train. Tomorrow, I’ll be off to Amsterdam.

In the meantime, I had the pleasure to record the lead singer and the drummer from a Brussels band called Ziggy: Pablo Troussard (acoustic guitar and vocals)  and Tommaso Partix (Cajon). We recorded in Tommaso’s father’s painting atelier which had been transformed into an Art Gallery, so there was lots of funny weird paintings/sculptures lying around – you can see a few in the photo.
There isn’t much more to say on the duo other than they utterly impressed me with the quality of their performance and songs given their youngish age. So I hope you enjoy listening to them just as much as I enjoyed recording them!

If you like what you hear go check out Ziggy’s website: https://www.facebook.com/ziggyband

On the same day, I recorded an Italian, Stephan, living in Brussels who plays a traditional Italian diatonic accordion. I met him quite randomly the night before and we arranged to record the next day at his place. When I got there he introduced me to his instrument – which you can see on the photo down below. It’s peculiar because it only has two bass keys: the fundamental and the fifth. He played with an incredible ease a series of traditional tunes and then moved onto a real accordeon to play me an accordion standard ‘Indiférence’. 

These recordings are a good example of the cultural diversity that seems to exist in Brussels and I hope you enjoy listening to a snippet of it!

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