Quick Update


So I am still in Paris and I am hoping to leave this coming Saturday. In the meantime, the Music Hack Paris project I was involved in was invited to be presented at the UNESCO International Jazz Day festival on the 27th April (the actual International Jazz day is on the 30th). So we have a couple of days to reduce the size of our sculpture, make it less splashy and easily mountable and dismountable.
I also would like to meliorate the electronic sound generating side of it, thus, I will be joining the sculptors from Okhaos to work on this project for the next few days!

Finally, I am stuck for leads after Paris and was thinking of going back up north towards Belgium and Holland, does anyone know any artsits in that general area!? I have one definite stop at Lille but that’s it so far!


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2 responses to “Quick Update

  1. Christina Halm

    hello, two friends of mine live in amsterdam. they are actors. let me know if that sounds interesting to you too!?

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