2nd recording – Matt Chanarin

This is another track we recorded with Matt Chanarin last Sunday evening. What was most fun about recording in this big empty room at SAE Oxford was positioning microphones and musicians in order to obtain a correct ratio of direct to reverberant sound. Going through this process led me to think that I believe a lot of the magic of recording in beautiful or interesting acoustic spaces is slowly getting lost. Indeed nowadays it is trivial (at least to the user of the modelling softwares) to digitally reconstruct an acoustic space.  This is why, when I am asked to talk/lecture potential SAE students during school visits, I end up walking around the building speaking at the top of my voice and getting them to listen to how my voice’s character changes from room to room. So I encourage any of you to at least experience an interesting acoustic space by clapping, singing, shouting, whistling or doing anything next time your in one! Listen out to how the room reacts to the impulse you give it. Yes. You’ll look stupid, but its great fun!

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