1st Recording – Matt Chanarin

After having had some sort of leaving party on the Saturday night, I thought it would be a good idea to go to work at 10am the next day and then record till very late in the evening. Now this might seem like the type of anecdote calling for a ‘seemed like a good idea at the time…’ but it wasn’t. It most certainly wasn’t. The above recording is just a snippet of the ambience. It was so enjoyable that we’re thinking of doing this again.
The song was recorded using only two microphones and I don’t think it could have benefited from more. I have been a huge fan of Matt’s songs, ‘River Bank’ is now my favourite and I hope you’ll enjoy at least as much as I do.

Most of the evening was filmed by Warren Dupuy and Jamie Williamson. A little video of the evening is in the process of being made.
For more of Matt’s music: http://www.myspace.com/mattchanarin


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7 responses to “1st Recording – Matt Chanarin

  1. claudia

    …fluid, transparent, “blues-y”. I love it!

  2. bobla1

    Cool vibe. Enjoyed the listen! Look forward to seeing some of the film footage.

  3. Jamie

    Nice one. Sounds as good as it did live. Good job. One thing, unless Warren took the exact same photo as me, I think the top one is a Williamson…My lawyers will be contacting you shortly…

  4. Capucine

    smoooothe 🙂

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