Slowly getting ready

There is also some more news coming up later today but before I felt like sharing these morning thoughts with you:

Ever since I had the idea of this project, I have been waking up feeling this trip is a long way away. Yesterday it struck me – I’m leaving in less than a month! I started to worry. It seems like I have an unfathomable amount of things to get ready. Every morning, there always appears to be something new that needs to be done: buying the last bits and pieces, following up emails, chasing up emails, promoting the project, finding people to record, taking care of Doppler,  getting fit… Amongst all of this, questions and doubts start to form: is this going to work? is it all going to fit? where will I sleep? and most and foremost, where am I going? quite literally, where am I going!?
However, while clearing up my room yesterday, I remembered  going through all this stress before with projects I was now putting into cardboard boxes. Then I remembered my housemate, who’s  currently writing up her PhD, going through the same panic only a few days ago. This made me realise that this sort of panic is probably inherent to every project. It’s necessary to keep your efforts going and focused!
As a result, I am still worried! and probably will be till I get to taste the result of all these preparations. In the meantime, if you want to help me worry less, and please do, share this project! 🙂

Although this may seem obvious to most of you, I thought I’d share these thoughts nonetheless. I have also decided to post more often as I need to practise my writing! (this is another thing I panicked about – my writing is terrible how can I make it interesting for people who are following the project!).

Also, you will notice I have updated the website and there is now an ‘Artists’ section. This is where I will be listing everyone that I have recorded or, at this stage, will be recording.


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2 responses to “Slowly getting ready

  1. Rob

    I hear ya 🙂

    Worrying ain’t always a bad thing, groover. Kind of like a healthy stress perhaps? Often comes from a place of deep care and because you want this trip to be Epic, Nicko – which it will be!

    Looking forward to many more blog posts. I think you write well and the short video blogs are delicious too – we love them! 😛

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