Project progress

I’d like to begin by saying that I am pleased to announce that I have had support from RME and am now the proud owner of a Fireface 800. Photos will be coming soon! I have also upgraded to Pro-Tools 10 and now have a full recording setup running smoothly.

I’m in the process of organising a recording session to test the setup with the wonderful Matt Chanarin please check out his music, its great. I have been following him round Oxford for a couple of years now – sounds like I’ve been stalking him… I haven’t. After having played with him, recorded with him and danced all the way through his gigs, I find myself knowing all the lyrics to his songs (at least the old ones) and singing along with him when I see him live. Unfortunately, he will not be in the country for my departure from Oxford, so this test recording is a perfect excuse to have him participate in the project.

As a good bye note for today here is a Matt video recorded at Boog Studios with the wonderful engineer Oli Whitworth and accompanied by Evan McGregor on drums and Colin fletcher on double bass:


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